Development Srategy


I. Overall objectives:

- Restructuring the management and business lines to become a strong petroleum-specialized construction corporation who has a high competitiveness with other local contractors in respect of the implementation of EPC contracts in the petroleum industry.

- Striving for the average revenue growth rate of 20%-30% in the period 2013-2015 (in comparison with 2012).

II. Specific objectives:

PETROCONs focuses on two business fields as construction and industrial production, particularly:

  - Construction of works for storage and transportation of petroleum products;

  - Construction of refinery and petrochemical plants, gas processing plants;

  - Construction of power and fertilizer plants, industrial works;

  - Civil construction;

  - Industrial production: construction materials, mechanical manufacturing,...

1. Construction field:

- Asserting PETROCONs brand - the petroleum-specialized EPC contractor with professional management skills and high technologies in construction of national key petroleum projects in the field of thermal power, transportation, processing and storage of petroleum products.

- Participating in the implementation of all petroleum projects/works (onshore construction) financed by PVN and its subsidiaries.

- During the period 2013-2015, PETROCONs will mobilize all resources to implement key projects such as: Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant, Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant, Thi Vai LPG-LNG Storage, Quang Trach 1 Thermal Power Plant, Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, Long Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, Lot B Gas Pipeline, Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline, Phu My NPK Fertilizer Plant, mechanical processing and manufacturing, and civil facilities of the petroleum industry.

- Cooperating with other partners, especially foreign partners who have the capability in project management, engineering design and technology to implement key petroleum projects in the time to come. Through the cooperation, PETROCONs will accumulate experiences and management capability, develop a staff of project management and engineering design to undertake the works of consultancy, design, project management, procurement, structure processing and manufacturing, construction with the aim at gradually decreasing the outsourcing ratio.

- Ensuring the average growth rate of 20-30% in the construction field for the period 2013-2015.

2. Industrial production:

- Completing the investment and construction work for 12-9 Petroleum Cement Plant and putting the Plant into commercial operation.

- Effectively exploiting projects of industrial zones and their infrastructure invested by PETROCONs such as Soai Rap Industrial Zone - Tien Giang, Hoa Cam Industrial Zone, service premises of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex, Sao Mai - Ben Dinh Metal Structure Fabrication Yard (PETROCONs-MS).

- Strengthening the production of construction materials, metal components,... for construction activities of PETROCONs and supply to the market.

- Promoting the industrial production, striving for 5-10% in the total revenue up to 2015.


 2013   2014  2015
 1  Construction of works for storage and transportation of petroleum products  3% 5% 8%
 2  Construction of refinery and petrochemical plants, gas processing plants  5%  8% 15%
 3  Construction of the power and fertilizer plants, industrial works  63%  65%  62%
  4  Civil construction  19% 15%  10%
  5  Other fields (project management consultancy, industrial production…)  10%  7%  5%
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