PetroVietnam Construction Joint stock company (PETROCONs) is a member of Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PetroVietnam) - the strongest national economic enterprise. PETROCONs exert to be the best petroleum specialized construction company- the major force of PetroVietnam, which hold the professional management and international standard engineering to serve Petroleum industry and large scale civil project. 

Petro construction combine was the precursor of PETROCONs, established in 1983 with the mission to build infrastructure for petroleum industry. Through 25-year of development, PETROCONs has affirmed its prestige and ability on main projects such as General Ashore Service in Vung Tau, Petro Pipeline from Long Hai to Phu My industry zone, Nhon Trach Thermoelectricity Plant and Dung Quat oil filter factory.

Being the subcontractor at first, PVS has been grown up to the major EPC contractor to execute large scale project with complicated technical requirement such as Thai Binh II thermoelectricity Plant, Nhon Trach II thermoelectricity, Phu Tho bio-ethanol fuel and etc.

PVS has taken part in petroleum specialized construction contract, transporting and oil and gas storage as EPC type.  The main projects are Cu Lao Tao Gasoline Warehouse, LPG warehouse, Dung Quat Tanker Station. Besides, PETROCONs has made the great progress on construction, for example, Petrovietnam Hotel complex, Petro Finance Center, Petroleum Institute Office, Phu My Hung Petroleum Building, Vung Tau Petroleum Hotel and etc.

In 2009, PETROCONs achieved a steady growth rate, gross profit of 4.780 billion VND, increase 98.6% compare to 2008. The turnover is 3.720 billion VND which is higher 92% than 2008; the profit before tax is 245 billion VND increased 131%. PETROCONs aimed to develop and reach maturity with output of 8.000billion VND, turnover of 7.000billion VND and profit of 731 billion VND. 

According to the Corporate development orientation, PETROCONs has targeted human resource, technique and management is the foremost and important foundation. Therefore, PETROCONs has built an interesting strategy to attract and retain talent. To effectuate the developing plant, PETROCONs selects and classifies staff that has ability, experience to take over the key position, create a friendly and professional working environment and a clear vision for staff’s development. Moreover, PETROCONs has run advanced technique training program for engineer, professional skill staff to gain the standard certificate. 

Presently, PETROCONs has more than 6.000 qualified workers and employees.  With an intensive investment in technological innovation, PETROCONs becomes mature and contributes to the progress of PV Gas.

PETROCONs tries to make a great contribution to the national industrialization and modernization. PETROCONs hopes to cooperate with national and international enterprise in order to build the mutual benefit. 



Chairman – PETROCONs

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