Petroleum-specialized construction and installation

    - Design, construction, installation, maintenance and repair of petroleum works, oil rigs, rig jackets (onshore and offshore), metal structures and tanks for petroleum, LPG, water.

   - Fabrication and supply of casing pipe, fittings, connectors and accessories for oil and gas exploitation and drilling.

   - Shipbuilding for transporting oil, gas and chemicals.

   - Supply of construction materials and equipment for petroleum industry.

Industrial Construction

  - Investment and construction of mechanical fabrication plants, shipbuilding plants, cement and construction material plants…

  - Survey, design, consultancy, execution and installation of machinery systems, technological equipment, control devices and automation systems for industrial works.

 - Investment, design and working as EPC contractor for projects of infrastructure, transportation, irrigation, embankments, jetty ...

 - Construction of Thermal Power Plants, Gas Power Plants; installation of electric transmission line system.

Civil Construction

 - Investment, consultancy, design and construction of civil works, offices, hotels, resorts, luxury residential buildings, steel-structured buildings, skyscrapers…

- Investment, construction and exploitation of industrial zones and their infrastructure, new urban areas.

Industrial production

- Production and trade of mechanical products, building materials…

- Production of industrial products (concrete plants, thermal and gas power plants…)

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